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Cleveland Event Photography: Rocky River Chamber of Commerce Centennial Celebration

Although I've been a member less than a year, I was excited to celebrate Rocky River Chamber of Commerce's 100th anniversary last weekend at the Cleveland Yachting Club.

Of course I had my camera gear on hand to capture an event that encouraged 1920's attire.

Gatsby-era gold was the vibe.

It felt great to break out my flash and make some images, finding the sweet spot between what it looked like in the room and making sure my subjects are properly illuminated. I geek out on this stuff, constantly checking white balance, exposure, bounce angle--like I said.

While chamber events are often about networking, this event had a different feel. Formal, but somewhat loose with costume attire and drink tickets included.

This guy's red, pinstripe suit caught my eye from across the room so I went in for the shot.

"Quite a suit, man. I love it." I had to ask, "so do you have this laying around or did you put it together for the event?"

"All my wife, man."

"Got it," I said.

These two-sentence conversations can be just as important as working my camera. A little insight from a guest, some connection to the story. It inspires me to find more images at the event.

Naturally, I gravitated to this room, where the jazz band Swingbone maintained the old-school city-nightlife atmosphere. They were a lot of fun and great players.

In fact, the music and ambiance made it easy to forget I was at a yacht club, the mouth of Lake Erie just outside.

This giant cake included candles from event sponsors and was a popular photo opp. Below is a photo of Rocky River Chamber board members.

I'm always on the lookout for candid, editorial-style images that help tell the story of the event.

Action at the bar caught my eye--tip jar, red vest, bottle in motion, yacht club napkins....

This image is one of my favorites and kind of embodies the vibe...

And the night winding down, with members of the chamber board and Rocky River Mayor Pam Bobst.

A fun, photogenic event I was proud to be a part of. Although a 1920's ambiance prevailed, something about the night--especially after these strange, last few years--felt very "2022."

Here's to 100 more, Rocky River Chamber!

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