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"I'm not photogenic."

"Just warning you, I'm no good in front of a camera." 

These are exactly the concerns I love to squash!

Headshots are the specialty of Jim Cook Images. 

I've trained extensively through workshops, conferences, and online groups with some of the best headshot photographers in the world. I've shot actors and influencers in Hollywood, business professionals in Ohio--you name it.

When you step in front of my camera I'm looking for that natural facial expression and a great time! And fast.


Many clients are surprised. As we review the shoot together, they say things like "wow, this was unexpected. I actually like three of them." This is where I consult on-the-spot to help you choose the best images for your profile, audition, company website, PR or marketing materials.


My job is to guide you through the whole process and leave you with something you're proud to share. 


Send a message here to get started!  


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